Our College

The setting up of an institution of higher learning in Baruipur began as early as 1954, when intellectuals and leaders commenced working towards the realization of a dream. Overcoming obstacles and opposition, the college received its affiliation from the University of Calcutta and the Government of West Bengal on 19.09.1981. The foundation stone was laid down and a single-storied structure was constructed on the college land (got as donation from some benevolent people of Purandarpur) to bring higher education to the interiors of rural Bengal. This was the humble precursor to the institution as it stands today - now established as a centre for higher education for students from the group of towns and villages that constitute South 24-Parganas. A regular Governing Body has been in place since 1983, when the Preparatory Committee ceased to function, in conformity with the guidelines of the W. B. College Service Commission. The college is open to students irrespective of caste, creed or religion and merit is the only requirement for admission. The college offers competent infrastructural facilities, within its limits, and has well stocked and modern library. 72% students passed the B. A. Examination in 1983 and, over the years, this figure is steadily making its way to the cent percent mark. The college timings are from 10:30 am until 5:00 pm.


Mission & Goal

The goals and objectives of the institution 'Best Practices in Higher Education'. What is meant by 'best practices'.

We are now in a cross road. Revolutionary role of Information Technology and the poignant situation of the poverty-stricken people - within this bipolar condition we have to adopt the measures that will promote and satisfy the materialistic demand of the society and at the same time fulfill mental equilibrium. We want to promote excellence in education. Our motto is to make 'total man', - self-sufficient in finance, and at the same time moral, spiritual and social.

Teachers of Baruipur College try to import innovative techniques to suit the ever increasing requirements of the students. In Journalism, Geography and other practical based subjects, besides computers, other latest techniques like Overhead projector, LCD projector are used which help the students to have competence in coping with the problem. In Journalism Department there is a TV set. DVD player is also used for audio-visual technology, so that students can quickly internalize the basic concepts. The practical oriented course with latest techniques enables students to develop self-confidence and good communication skill. Some selected topics to enhance their skill of expression. Added to this, quiz. symposium, elocution, group discussion – all such methods are adopted so that students may get interest in their stipulated topics.