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Recognized by UGC under 2(f) & 12(B)
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Research and Development Cell

In today's rapidly evolving world, fostering innovation and nurturing indigenous knowledge systems are imperative for the sustainable development of any society. Baruipur College is in the process of offering a well-equipped conducive environment for creativity, research, and entrepreneurship. A number of strategies are employed by Baruipur College to cultivate a research and academic development ecosystem, promote the Indian Knowledge System (IKS), raise awareness about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), and facilitate knowledge and technology transfer through collaborations.

The teachers and students are encouraged to publish their research in reputed journals and as books and book chapters. Several Journal articles were published in UGC listed journals by teachers from various disciplines. Additionally, a number of research articles penned by various authors found their home in journals distinguished within their respective domains, albeit not listed by the UGC.  A significant number of book chapters and a number of single authored and edited books were published during this period. Such scholarly activity not only enhances the institution's academic standing but also fosters a culture of intellectual curiosity and innovation among its members.

A number certificate course was also organized by various departments to foster interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach among students. Department of Journalism and Political Science offered a course on Artificial Intelligence for the students. The course witnessed an overwhelming response among the students. Similarly, Department of Education and Philosophy offered a Certificate Course on Indian Knowledge System to regain the comprehensive knowledge system of our heritage and demonstrate the ‘Indian way’ of doing things.

Establishment of Research and Development Cell

Baruipur College has established a dedicated Research and Development Cell, which was reconstituted in 2022 to streamline and support research activities across disciplines. The Research and Development Cell serves as a central hub for coordinating research projects, securing funding, facilitating collaborations, and disseminating research outcomes. The Research and Development Cell has also published the Research and Development Policy and the Research Code of Ethics. It regularly provides information to teachers and students regarding funding opportunities, publication opportunities, collaboration initiatives to catalyze knowledge creation. The Research and Development Cell seeks to promote various research initiatives that address complex societal challenges and contribute to the advancement of knowledge. Despite constraints, the Research and Development (R&D) cell serves as an efficient platform for maximizing the impact of research activities and collaborations within the available infrastructure.

Promotion of Indian Knowledge System (IKS)

Recognizing the richness of India's traditional knowledge systems, Baruipur College has incorporated elements of Indian Knowledge System into its activities and research endeavors. The institution has organized a seminar on importance of mother language, regional Indian language and literature to impart a holistic understanding of indigenous knowledge and language. Moreover, Baruipur College actively supports research initiatives that explore the intersection of modern science and traditional wisdom, thereby promoting the relevance and applicability of Indian Knowledge System in contemporary contexts.

Awareness about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) & Research Methodology

To safeguard the intellectual capital generated within its premises, Baruipur College places significant emphasis on raising awareness about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) among its students, faculty, and researchers. The institution has conducted a workshop on patenting, copyrighting, and trademarking processes to educate stakeholders about the importance of protecting their innovations. Workshop on research methodology was also organized to make the teachers and students aware about the various aspects of social science research methods. Special Lecture on entrepreneurial approach and financial planning was also organized. More than 12 workshops and seminars were organized on various aspects and facilitated the creation and transfer of knowledge and technology.  Industry-Academic collaborations are also made for the benefit of the students. Hands-on workshop on media content production was organized. Two workshops in collaboration with skill development centers focused on employment opportunities in the private sector and on training the students in industry relevant entrepreneurship approach. These workshops also offered practical insights into Information Communication technology and how it can be used to foster entrepreneurial approach.

Initiatives for Knowledge and Technology Transfer through MoUs

In line with its commitment to knowledge dissemination and technology transfer, Baruipur College has implemented several Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) to bridge the gap between different academic institutions. The institution organizes teacher exchange programs, special lectures as collaborative programs to facilitate knowledge exchange. Furthermore, Baruipur College encourages its faculty and students to participate in internships, consultancy projects, and collaborative research endeavors with industry partners, thereby fostering mutually beneficial relationships and promoting technology transfer.


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