Baruipur College

Baruipur College

Recognized by UGC under 2(f) & 12(B)
Affiliated to University of Calcutta


Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)

Formation of the Internal Complaint Committee

The internal complaint committee of Baruipur College has been established according with provisions of “The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013” as per UGC guidelines. Sexual harassment includes any one or more of the following unwelcome acts or behavior (whether directly or by implication) namely:

a)    Physical contact and advances

b)    A demand or request for sexual favors

c)    Making sexually colored remarks

d)    Showing pornography

e)      Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.

The Internal Complaints Committee of Baruipur College has been formally constituted by the Governing Body.


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Constitution of the Committee

Dr. Durga Ganguly

Presiding Officer

Sri Debarata Sardar


Sri Biplab Ghosh


Smt. Mrinmoyee Naskar


Smt. Priyanka Sarkar


Smt. Indrani Chatterjee

Inspector in Charge,  Women Police Station, Baruipur


The Objectives of Internal Complaints Committee at Baruipur College includes:

  • Prevention of discrimination and sexual harassment against women, by promoting gender amity among students and employees.
  • Deal with cases of discrimination and sexual harassment against women in a time bound manner aiming at ensuring support services to the victim
  • Recommend appropriate punitive action against the guilty.
  • To uphold the commitment of the Institute to provide an environment free of gender-based discrimination.
  • To create a secure physical and social environment to deter any act of sexual harassment.
  • To promote a social and psychological environment to raise awareness on sexual harassment in its various forms.

Working Mechanism of the Committee:

Step 1: Receipt of Complain

Receive the receipt of complaints

Meet and talk to the complainant to discuss options of informal/formal resolution

Start informal/formal mechanism as chosen by complainant

Inform the respondent and ask for the responses

Step 2: Planning carefully

Prepare the file

Support for the complainant

Step 3: Interviews

Prepare an interview plan: complainant, respondent and witness

Assess completeness of the information collected

Step 4: Reasoning and Analysis

Analyze the gathered information

Create the timeline of events from information

Compare similarities/differences of statements form interviews

Step 5: Finding and recommendations

Conclude whether the complaint is upheld or not.

Recommendation: Where the Complaints Committee is unable to uphold the complaint, it shall recommend no action.

Where the Complaints Committee upholds the Complaint, it may recommend such action as stated within the relevant Policy or Service Rules, which may include a warning to terminate

Step 6: Writing the report and submitting to the employer for further action

The Complaints Committee will prepare a final report and submit the same to the organization Head for implementation of the recommendations, further actions and for safe keeping of the complainant.

Timeline as per Act

Sl. No.




Submission of Complaint

Within 3 months of the last incident


Notice to the Respondent

Within 7 days of receiving copy of the complaint


Completion of Inquiry

Within 90 days


Submission of Report by ICC/LCC to employer/DO

Within 10 days of completion of the inquiry


Implementation of Recommendations

Within 60 days



Within 90 days of the recommendations

Meetings of the Committee

The committee usually organizes a meeting with the Principal and all members before taking a decision or any event. It sets forth certain objectives and guidelines as per the college vision and mission.

Year-wise report


Application Received

Action Taken


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