Baruipur College

Baruipur College

Recognized by UGC under 2(f) & 12(B)
Affiliated to University of Calcutta

Perspective Plan

Perspective/Strategic Plans for 2020-2021

  • The Institution has started on the gradual implementation of its perspective plan. The college has been using ICT for teaching-learning purposes since ICT became an integral part of the teaching learning process like never-before, allowing for a quick transition to the online mode of teaching during the Covid-19 outbreak lockdown.
  • The online admission process has been improved and further strengthened.
  • The Institution has various bodies for proper execution of administrative and academic responsibilities.
  • Encourage participation in Faculty Development Programme for the benefit of the teachers applying through Career Advancement Scheme.
  • To conduct Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) of the eligible teachers of the college as per Government of West Bengal notification No. 1373–Edn (CS)/5P-52/98 Date: 07.12.2017.
  • To augment infrastructure for providing better facilities to the students teachers.
  • To better facilitate the safety and security of the college the boundary wall is to be constructed at the North West side of the college.
  • To install upgraded photocopy machine for smooth running of office work.
  • To plan for NAAC Peer Team visit for the 2nd Cycle of the Accreditation of the college.
  • As it is an aided college, it also has to adhere to The West Bengal Universities and Colleges (Administration and Regulation) Act, 2017. The Governing Body is constituted according to the provisions of the Act and functions independently. It is the supreme policy-making and administrative body within the precincts of the Institution’s jurisdiction. The Principal along with the IQAC Coordinator, the Departmental Heads, the Teachers’ Council Secretary, the Librarian and the Accountant as well as Convenors of various Sub-committees, coordinates and mobilizes the entire work flow of the college.
  • The Finance Sub- committee and the Academic Sub-committee are usually formed by the Governing Body. The sub-committees enjoy operational autonomy to perform smoothly.

Perspective/Strategic Plans for 2021-2022

  • Regular meetings and periodical assessments are conducted by the sub-committees from time to time.
  • Office Staff comprises of the Accountant and Office Assistants. Different sub-committees are set up by the Teachers’ Council each with a Convenor and the Principal as the Chairman.
  • Use of ICT tools have to be increased due to extension of lockdown period.
  • To upgrade the College Library to an E-Library for providing e-journals and making it fully Wi-Fi enabled.
  • To initiate the facilitation of Student Credit Card Scheme for the benefit of the students.
  • To upgrade the provision of safe drinking water for the students and teachers.
  • Green Audit to be conducted for making the campus more eco-friendly.
  • E-Waste Management to be initiated for managing the e-waste generated on campus.
  • To implement more renewable energy system such as Rain Water Harvesting System on campus.
  • The college functions as an undergraduate college affiliated to University of Calcutta and hence Service rules are as per the University Statutes. Government post appointments are made as per Government norms. The vacancies are filled as per recruitment regulations provided by Government of West Bengal. Therefore several posts are lying vacant, however efforts are being made to recruit casual staffs.
  • The Teachers’ Council headed by the Secretary (selected from among full-time teachers) works under the chairmanship of the Principal.

Perspective/Strategic Plans for 2022-2023

  • Academic Collaboration with other institutions, inviting renowned scholars from different parts of our state for giving extension lectures to the students and faculty of the college.
  • Regular academic activities like Freshers’ welcome, educational tour, cultural programme, special lectures, publication of departmental magazines, sports , farewell , reunion etc are the common events during the session governed by the departments and/or concern committee as per needed.
  • To provide insurance policy to all of the students of the college.
  • To purchase more desktop computers and related accessories for expansion of the digitalization process.
  • To construct the new annex building at the West side of the college for providing more number of classrooms for the students.
  • To construct new main gate of the college adjacent to the Amtala Road.
  • To upgrade CCTV system for enhancing safety and security of the college.
  • To upgrade the existing solar panels for providing renewable energy on campus.
  • To publish wall magazine by the students.
  • To seek for financial assistance regarding infrastructural up gradation in light of NEP implementation.
  • To create more eco-friendly campus for maintaining good interaction with environment.
  • To celebrate various important events like- The Earth Day, World Environment Day, Womens’ Day, Yoga Day, Annual Sports Day etc.
  • To initiate students-staffs exchange programmes with other colleges by signing MOUs.