Baruipur College

Baruipur College

Recognized by UGC under 2(f) & 12(B)
Affiliated to University of Calcutta

Sabujayan (Go Green Breathe Clean)


1. To create sustainable campus and clean environment to have healthy planet tomorrow.

2. To create awareness among the students regarding the environmental issues.

3. To ensure that the students learn to reduce the usage of materials that cause detrimental effects towards our environment.

4. To create awareness and educate the students for plantation of trees and protection of environment.


A little support towards saving the environment is better then no effort.

Environmental issues are the pivotal thought of the recent times. Global warming has become a cause of concern for us. Over exploitation, pollution, destruction of natural resources has caused imbalance to nature. Being a crucial part of nature, we should contribute towards saving the nature from such destruction and set up an eco-friendly environment. By providing an eco- friendly campus we can spread awareness among the students to hold hands and walk together towards a safe and healthy environment.

The institution systematically executes various eco-friendly measures within the campus.

Energy Saving Approach:

The institution has implemented eco-friendly power generating methods through solar panels. LED lights have been installed throughout the campus. Main switch has been installed in every classroom so that all lights and fans are switched off at the end of the day or when not in use.The college encourages minimum usage of air conditioner within the campus to reduce carbon emission. Computers kept in power saving mode when not in use.

Eco-friendly transport: Students are encouraged to use bicycles and to promote the same the college has constructed a sheltered bi-cycle stand.Vehicles are not allowed within the campus.

Cleanliness drive: Students are encouraged to keep the campus clean with the help of NSS unit and Eco Club.

Plastic free zone: Campus is plastic free.

Waste disposal:To types of bins are used within the premises, blue and green for non- biodegradable and degradable wastes respectively. E-waste of the College are segregated for disposal through authorized vendor.

Save Water:  Rain Water Harvesting System has been constructed to use the rain water for different purpose like gardening and washing. Students are advised towards minimum water usage and stop water wastage.

Go Digital: College introduced digital management of students’ academic details and all information displayed via website.

Green initiatives: The campus has a green landscape with a significant number of plants.  World Environment Day celebrated each year and the students are encouraged to plant saplings throughout the year. Special guests and dignitaries are felicitated with saplings. College Eco Cub members actively participate in various activities and are responsible for ensuring Green Campus.  Green Audit is conducted since 2021 and action taken on the basis of the recommendations.

Tobacco free campus:  Smoking is strictly prohibited within the premises.

Other initiatives: As per the University of Calcutta curriculum, environmental classes are conducted and projects are given to promote awareness among the students.

Awareness regarding environmental sustainability was noticed among students as they took small initiatives like planting saplings, keeping the campus clean, stop using plastics etc. Received letters of appreciation from recognized institution.

The college received the prestigious Green Architect Award from Hulladek.