Baruipur College

Baruipur College

Recognized by UGC under 2(f) & 12(B)
Affiliated to University of Calcutta

From the Principal's Desk








Baruipur College has consistently strived to provide a nurturing environment for holistic education, fostering the intellectual, emotional, and personal growth of our students. Our academic achievements stand as a testament to the dedication of our faculty and the hard work of our students. The challenges brought forth by the ever-evolving educational landscape, compounded by global uncertainties, tested our resilience and adaptability. However, Baruipur College has continued to be the beacon of teaching and learning in the district. Baruipur College serves as a testament to our collective achievements, our unwavering commitment to excellence, and the indomitable spirit of our college community, catering to students coming from rural, remote areas, first-generation learners and students from reserved categories and minority communities,

In the last few years, Baruipur College has also made significant strides in modernizing our infrastructure and embracing cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience. Our investments in state-of-the-art laboratories, digital resources, and updated facilities have been instrumental in creating an environment conducive to innovation and exploration. Renovation of the existing college building, along with the construction of a new annex building, will allow the students the benefit of a more expansive teaching-learning environment.

Our extracurricular activities have flourished, with our students excelling in various cultural and artistic endeavours. The numerous community service initiatives taken by NSS have collectively enriched the tapestry of our college life. A number of MoUs have also been signed with esteemed institutions, thereby expanding the horizon of academic and research collaboration for students and teachers. Continuous efforts are being made to make the college campus plastic-free green campus with increasing use of renewable energy.

Baruipur College stands as a reflection of our shared vision, our collective efforts, and our unwavering commitment to excellence. I hope all of us may find inspiration in our past achievements and renewed determination to build an even brighter future at Baruipur College.

Dr. Chanchal Kumar Mandal