Baruipur College

Baruipur College

Recognized by UGC under 2(f) & 12(B)
Affiliated to University of Calcutta

Baruipur College

About the Department

The Department of Sanskrit was established in the year 2015.Presantly the department has more than 150 students enrolled in the general course. The department of Sanskrit conduct classes according to the syllabus provided by the University of Calcutta. As Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian languages, students pursuing courses in Sanskrit are able to comprehend the roots of our ancient society as portrayed in our holy texts and scriptures and its relation with modern education system. Enhanced communication skill helps to gulf the bridge between ancient and modern Education.


Kalpana Das department fo Economics, Baruipur College

Kalpana Das
Designation: SACT - I
Qualification: M.A.
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Teaching Methods

  1. Classroom lectures
  2. Tutorial classes
  3. Group discussion
  4. Project work

Activities of the Department

  1. Students participate in seminar and workshops organized by different institutions.
  2. Students participate in sports and culture activities organized by the college.