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Career Counselling Cell

The Career Counseling Cell at Baruipur College aims to guide and support students in setting their career goals and encourages them to pursue their objectives with consistent effort. By considering the students' competencies, interests, and acquired knowledge, the Cell directs students from various departments towards lucrative and specialized careers. To achieve this, the Career Counseling Cell conducts various sessions that evaluate students on both their professional and interpersonal skills. These sessions help students explore new knowledge areas and adopt modern company attitudes, preparing them to meet the demands of the global competitive job market.

The Career Counseling Cell operates under the leadership of the Principal and includes the following members:


List of Activities Conducted by Career Counselling Cell

Career Counselling Session on Fundamentals of Computer Applications

Date: 18/01/2024
Objective: To make the students aware of the need to learn computer fundamentals for their education as well as for future careers.
Outcome: Total of 14 students participated in the Career Counselling Session on Computer Application and the first batch of students received their certificates from Sri Chandan Singha, Manager, ICA.  Principal delivered the inaugural address focusing on the fact that computers are pivotal in equipping students with essential skills for the modern world. Proficiency in using computers and digital tools is not just an advantage but a necessity. The resource person advised the students regarding computer knowledge and stated that computers open doors to various career opportunities and empowers students to thrive in an increasingly digital workforce.
Total Number of Students: 14
External Resource Person: Sri Chandan Singha, Manager, ICA (Phone: 6291470414)
Career Counselling Session on Hardware & Networking

Date: 11/01/2024
Objective: To organize a career counselling session focusing on career prospects in hardware and networking segment.
Outcome: A total of 63 students from different semesters participated in the Career Counselling Session conducted by Mr. Paul D. Rozario, Center-in-Charge, George Telegraph on 11.01.2024 at the college hall room. He emphasised the fact that more and more students today are opting for computer hardware and networking courses. The cause of this paradigm shift in the realm of IT, it can be attributed to the wide use of computers, laptops, mobiles, desktops and internet in private and government organisations that have created huge demand for hardware and networking professionals. A number of students interacted with the Resource Person regarding various job opportunities in the hardware and networking sector.
Total Number of Students: 63
External Resource Person: Mr. Paul D. Rozario, Center-In-Charge, George Telegraph (Phone: 8336911620)

Career Counselling Session on the Importance of Soft Skill

Date: 06/01/2024
Objective: To organize a career counselling session on soft skill development of the students.
Outcome: A career counselling session was organised in collaboration with Career Counselling Cell of Baruipur College on this day at the college hall room. 62 students participated in the Career Counselling Workshop.  Prof. Samir Mandal of Pune Institute of Business Management delivered his lecture on soft skill development of the students. He interacted with the students and conducted a hands-on workshop on how to give interview. The event was immensely beneficial for enhancing the job prospects of the students. Total Number of Students: 62
External Resource Person: Prof. Samir Mondal, Career Counselling Trainer, Pune Institute of Business Management (Phone: 9607960471)

Basics of Computer Application and Tally Course

Date: 11-13/10/2023
Objective: This short course aims to equip attendees with the practical skills necessary to operate basic computer functions and utilize Tally software effectively for accounting and inventory management tasks.
Outcome: After completing the course, the students became proficient in the basic functionalities of Tally, allowing them to carry out accounting tasks such as ledger management, voucher entry, and financial reporting with increased confidence and efficiency. This will enable them to apply these skills in their professional environments, enhancing their productivity and efficiency in handling financial data.
Total Number of Participants: 35
External Resource Person: ICA Edu Skills Resource Person: Phone: 6291470414

Orientation Workshop on Basics of Computer Application and Tally
Date: 10/10/2023
Objective: The objective is to introduce participants to fundamental computer skills and provide essential knowledge on using Tally for financial and business management.
Outcome: Upon completion of the workshop, participants had an understanding of basic computer operations, including word processing, spreadsheets, and internet navigation. Additionally, they became familiar in using Tally for various accounting purposes such as ledger management, financial statement preparation, and inventory tracking.
Total Number of Participants: 25
External Resource Person: ICA Edu Skills Resource Person: Phone: 6291470414
Career Guidance Session on Defence Service
Date: 16/10/2023
Objective: To organise a Career Counselling Session focusing on the career prospects in the field of defence and armed forces.
Outcome: The resource person delivered a lecture on joining the armed forces as one of the most prestigious and respected careers in the country. He explained how young people can fulfil all of their professional expectations by pursuing a career as an officer in the military.
Total Number of Participants: 82
External Resource Person: Akhil Bandhu Sahoo, N N DEFENCE ACADEMY (9471407123)
Career Darpan: Career Counselling Session on ICT
Date: 05/01/2023
Objective: To conduct a Career Counselling session to help the students understand the career options that they have, and how to pursue them.
Outcome: The Career Counselling session in collaboration with George Telegraph Training Institute helped them to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the students with regard to their present course, and discussed what career they would be suited for particularly in information communication technology sector. 
Total Number of Participants: 54
Resource Person: Mr. Sandip Sen, Executive PR, George Telegraph Training Institute, Phone: 8335078358
Career Counselling Session on Higher Education Opportunities
Date: 13.04.2022
Objective: To organise a Career Counselling session focusing on the higher education opportunities in anagement.
Outcome: On 13.04.2022 the Career Counselling Cell of Baruipur College in collaboration with GITAM University organised a career counselling students for the students of Baruipur College. The resource person delivered a lecture on the opportunities of higher education in management. 
Total Number of Participants: 72
Resource Person:
Resource Person: Atanu Bandopadhyay GITAM University, Phone: 9433073190
Online Career Counselling Session on Company Secretary
Date: 10.07.2021
Objective: To organise an online Career Counselling Session focusing on opportunities in on Company Secretary jobs.
Outcome: An online counselling on career as a Company Secretary was organized by Baruipur College Career Counselling Cell and the Institute of Company Secretaries of India ICSI. More than 290 students joined the online workshop and interacted with the executives from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India regarding career prospects as company secretary in different organizations.
No of students participated: 290
Resource Person: Mr Tapan Kumar Roy, Regional Director (Eastern Region), Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Phone: 033-22816541
Job Prospects in Cyber Security
Date: 23.11.2019
Objective: To organise a Career Counselling session on computer and information technology related field for the benefit of the students.
Outcome: On 23.11.2019 a workshop on cyber security and its career prospect was organised for the students in collaboration with Prudential Infotech Limited and Baruipur College Career Counselling Cell. Information and discussion on cybercrime, forensic solutions, ethical hacking were conducted by Prudential Infotech, which is a cyber-security audit company. The students interacted with cyber security expert on campus and demonstrated interest towards cyber security issues and related employment opportunities.
No of students participated: 83
Resource Person: Mr Kaushik Bannerjee Manager, Prudential Infotech Limited, Phone: 7596056455