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Baruipur College

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Modalities of Summer Internship

1. Scope:

The Summer Internship Programme shall include internships, community engagement programmes and field based learning/minor projects as prescribed in the guidelines laid down in C.C.F, 2022 issued by UGC bearing D.O. No.1-1/2021(QIP)(CBCS)dated 31.01.2023

A number of UGBOS are designing subject specific programmes. The colleges are free to adopt and offer such programmes or to offer programmes designed by themselves according to local needs and feasibility.

2. Period of programme:

The Summer Internship shall be of 15 days duration and will be undertaken during the Summer Recess ordinarily from 16th May to 30th May every year.

All the college teachers shall have to participate in planning of the programmes and in monitoring of the students during the programme.

3. Distribution of credits:

Every student undertaking summer internship shall maintain a project note - book which will carry 02(two) credits and the programme shall be followed by a viva of 01(one) credit.

4. Evaluation:

The evaluation on the basis of the project note-book and viva shall be made by an External Expert to be appointed by the university on the basis of recommendation made by the college.

The project note-book shall be duly signed by a teacher of the concerned college, authorised for the purpose, before the date of evaluation.

5. Internship and Exit:

Any student intending to exit the course must complete the summer internship (Including scoring at least 30% marks in the evaluation) before exit. A student intending to exit shall have to give option for that in the respective column of the application form for the respective even semester examination.

Relevant Notices from the University of Calcutta regarding Internship

Summer Internship Scheme for U.G. Courses of Studies

CUS/111(Cir.)/24, dt. 14th May, 2024 --- Corrigendum of Modalities for Summer Internship